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Diocesan Synod nominations: a call to serve

Nominations for our Diocesan Synod will open on 28 May to 20 June.

This is for individuals from all walks of life to contribute their voices and experiences to our community who want to help us become an even better Diocese. We believe that our Diocese is made stronger by its diversity and it's essential that our leadership reflects the full range of voices within our community. This is why we are particularly excited to ensure that the next Synod is more inclusive and representative of our Diocese. 

The role of Diocesan Synod 

Diocesan Synod is the primary governing body for the diocese, acting as a kind of ‘parliament’ for our parishes and churches. It is made up of around 120 representatives, including bishops, clergy, and laypeople.  Diocesan Synods are elected every three years by members of Deanery Synods. The Synod meets three times a year to share ideas, hold conversations, and make decisions on key policies. It also plays a crucial role in shaping national conversations in the Church of England by sending representatives to the national General Synod. 

Why stand for nomination? 

Standing for nomination is not just about serving the church; it’s about serving the community and making a difference. It’s about bringing your unique insights, experiences, and perspectives to the table. It’s about shaping the future of our church and our community. 

Who can be nominated? 

Clergy and lay people stand separately for Houses of Clergy and Laity. The House of Laity is made up of lay people - church members who are not bishops, priests, or deacons. The House of Clergy is made up of clergy members who hold a license in the Diocese. 

Any member of the church (a member of the Church of England who is confirmed or is ready to be confirmed and who has received Holy Communion according to the use of the Church of England at least three times during the last 12 months) who is over the age of 16 and is on the electoral roll can stand for election. This includes all licensed clergy and Licensed Lay Ministers. Lay people do not need to be PCC or Deanery Synod members already. 

Can I nominate someone? 

You will need to be nominated or seconded by someone on your Deanery Synod. If you are not sure who currently sits on your Deanery Synod, please ask your vicar or churchwarden.  

Lay members nominate and vote for lay members and clergy for clergy, but candidates don’t need to be on Deanery Synod themselves.  

It’s important for each PCC to ensure that their parish is properly represented at Deanery Synod. Use your APCM to make sure that any vacancies for lay representatives of the parish at Deanery Synod are filled by the end of May.  

Next steps 

If you feel called to serve, we encourage you to take the next step and stand for nomination by contacting your vicar/rector or a member of your Deanery Synod.  

We look forward to welcoming new voices and experiences to our Synod. Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive community.

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