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Earth Day calls us each to play our part

Earth Day encourages us to join the drive to take positive action on the care of our planet. The concern for the environment continues to grow the call to action alongside it.

Climate change may not be affecting the diocese of Guildford so obviously but there is a clear impact it is having on countries across the world.

In conversation with bishops from across the Anglican Communion last Autumn, Bishop Paul Davies heard some first-hand accounts on the impact of climate change:

“Bishop Ernie from the Philippines talked about the landslide on a Sunday morning that killed the whole congregation. Bishop Donald from Australia talked about flooding which made moving around his diocese very difficult. Bishop Dushantha from Sri Lanka talked about the 50% of people living in low-lying coastal areas that are under threat. Bishop Julio from Mexico spoke of the huge problems caused by rising temperatures in Mexico City. Bishop Sione from Polynesia spoke of some of his islands with rising sea levels preparing to evacuate to Fiji.

“I was stunned that climate change was the biggest topic of conversation and what seemed to unite everyone!”

Now is the time to make a change and to care for God’s creation and His people across the world.

As a Diocese we are working towards being Net Carbon Zero by 2030.

Read more about it on our Caring for the environment page to find out more and for tips on how you and your church can take positive action today.

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