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Following the path the Lord has cleared for me

Nikki was on our most recent four-day Occasional Preachers course. Having served as a churchwarden for the last five years, she preaches every now and then in her church.

With a thirst for learning and serving God, Nikki did contemporary chaplaincy training with Waverley Abbey Ministries last year. Her Incumbent encouraged her to attend the occasional preacher course this year.

Nikki said: “I felt that as I had also been a churchwarden for five years and had led the occasional service, that I would benefit from attending the course. 

“I found it excellent and those leading the course were very encouraging. My understanding of leading was greatly expanded and left me with a deep longing to open myself up to other pathways to serve God. 

“I talked with my incumbent and prayed about the path forward, which led me to attend the Occasional Preachers course. The course has been challenging but very encouraging. It has confirmed in me that I am following the path the Lord has cleared for me.”

Occasional Preachers are lay leaders who have been identified by their Incumbent as having gifts, skills and calling to preach the Word in Sunday services or on other occasions. These might include giving talks at all-age worship and family services, giving special interest or seasonal talks.

People who step up to serve as Occasional Preachers are supported as they prepare, give and review their sermons. They are also given a role description that sets out agreed expectations, such as how frequently they are likely to preach and in what contexts.

If you are interested in preaching occasionally in your church, talk to your Incumbent. The 2024 dates are 14 and 28 September, and 12 October.

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