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More than just an ‘egg-cellent’ idea!

Date: 26 April 2022

Residents and visitors to Farnborough were left with a smile on their face as they received a free Easter treat from members of St Peter’s Church.

The Big Farnborough Egg Drop is a first for St Peter’s and saw some 70 volunteers hand out Easter eggs to members of the public, with an opportunity to invite them to their Easter services and events.

St Peter’s Children and Young Families Minister, Helen Smith, organised the Egg Drop and said, “In the past, we have waited for people to come to US in the church, but we’re making a conscious decision to be a presence in the community.”

All the foil-wrapped chocolate eggs had been donated by the congregation. Hundreds of all shapes, flavours and sizes were generously given in the weeks leading up to the event, filling 35 massive baskets!

Dotted around the parish, including the town centre, the volunteers, young and old, stood in pairs and small groups in their branded t-shirts, hats or lanyards handing out the eggs.

“We were keen that people knew the eggs were being given with no strings attached,” says Helen, “but we had flyers and an invitation to hand for those we got into conversation with.”

One volunteer said, “It was encouraging to see the children and young people getting stuck in and have people ask us for the first time where the church actually is. As people so entrenched in church, we sometimes forget how hidden we can be!”

People in the town and beyond were extremely grateful and wanted to know why the eggs were being handed out.

Helen finished by saying, “Our hope is that handing out the eggs will be the start of seeing relationships built with those we connected with over the weekend.”



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