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Pupil inspires latest ‘Daisy’ book

Date: 28 March 2022

Two years ago, a pupil from St Jude’s Church of England School in Englefield Green sent an idea to the author of the ‘Daisy and the Trouble with…’ book series, which has inspired the latest book.

Benji was 8 when he wrote to author Kes Gray with an idea for his latest book. He has grown up reading Kes’ ‘Oi! Frog’ picture book series and started reading the ‘Daisy’ young fiction series from the age of 7.

Mum, Verity, says “The school has always encouraged the children to read lots. Benji loves all of Kes’ books. His favourite is ‘Daisy and the Trouble with Chocolate’.”

“While I was reading ‘Daisy and the Trouble with Giants’,” says Benji “I thought it would be great if she went to London with her grandparents for the day and got hold of the controls to Tower Bridge! I wrote to Kes and he got back in touch straightaway!”

In his response Kes wrote “I think Daisy taking control of Tower Bridge is hilarious but perhaps a bit beyond her. However, I love the idea of 'Daisy and the Trouble with London'. In fact, I've decided it's going to be the title of my next book.”

True to Kes’ word, 'Daisy and the Trouble with London' has now been published with a dedication to Benji for his inspiration.

“After 16 Daisy ‘trouble adventures’ I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting themes. Thanks Benji!” says Kes.

Now Benji is nearly 11, he hopes that Kes might write a series for older children.

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