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Stations of the Cross in Send

Date: 19 April 2022

Since 2017, Revd Tony Shutt has been engaging his congregation, the local community and passers-by with some thought-provoking paintings, leading them through the ‘Stations of The Cross’.

These 15 paintings were created by Tony, the Vicar of Send Parish Church, between 2017 and 2018, and, although having taken a break last year due to pandemic life, have been used in various ways ever since.

Tony speaks of his inspiration by saying, “I wanted to make my own interpretation and version of the Stations of the Cross in a way that made them portable, placeable and to some extent vulnerable.”

Each station is an acrylic painting on wood which has been considerably varnished to withstand the elements – very helpful considering the ways in which they’ve been used and helped them stand the test of time.

When churches were closed during the Easter season in 2020, the stations were set up along Vicarage Lane in Send for the many lockdown walkers to see.

This Easter, Tony has displayed the 15 paintings in the churchyard at St Mary’s in Send and will stay there for all to enjoy and reflect on until the end of April.

One member of the congregation commented on Facebook saying, “I was delighted to see the stations of the cross in the churchyard.”

Tony hopes that people will think about the sufferings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as they see the installation.

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