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Watch the Passion of Jesus theatre production on Good Friday

On Good Friday, 29 March 2024, one hundred Wintershall players will perform The Passion of Jesus - a live performance of the final days of Jesus’ life in Trafalgar Square, London. 

The open-air and free productions will be projected onto large screens in the iconic London landmark maximising the opportunity for as many people as possible to watch the story unfold. Despite the thousands of people in attendance the atmosphere is intimate as the audience is pulled into the drama, awe and powerful scenes. 

“At times in the crowd you could hear a pin drop.” Member of the public watching. 

“An awe-inspiring portrayal.” Audience member. 

The full-scale re-enactment of The Passion is performed in two 90-minute plays and is free of charge to attend. You can watch from 12noon or 3.15pm

Who is Wintershall? 

In 1989 Peter and Ann Hutley opened up their estate in Surrey, in the diocese, to stage a Nativity play in a barn. Since then they have hosted regular open-air performances of key times in Jesus’ life. 

The performances have evolved into professional productions involving casts of hundreds of people and are viewed by tens of thousands of people every year. 

Man playing Jesus with an embracing smile and arms opend wideWintershall first performed the Passion of Jesus play in Trafalgar Square, London in 2010. It has been performed annually ever since on every Good Friday with the two performances viewed by an estimated audience of 20,000 each year. 

No tickets are required for the two Good Friday performances at 12noon and 3.15pm. 

The play includes a realistic interpretation of the crucifixion, so parental guidance is advised. British sign language interpretation will also be provided at both performances. 

If you can’t make it to the live performances the performances will be livestreamed on Wintershall’s Facebook Page

For more information on Wintershall have a look at their website

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