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Bringing our vision to life

Our three growing priorities will form the structure of the many discussions surrounding our Parish Needs Process.

The Parish Needs Process

Our Mission Enabler Team is visiting each of the deaneries and parishes in turn, helping them to explore the ways in which they can: 

  • grow disciples 
  • grow diversity 
  • grow community 

It's a framework to use in all of our mission planning at a diocesan, deanery, church and even individual level, as well as in our schools and chaplaincies. 

The three priorities provide support and direction, especially in the areas of making disciples, drawing in children and younger people, and building on the community partnerships which many have developed during the worst of the pandemic. 

Read more about the Parish Needs Process.

Foundations of support

These are some of the ways the teams at Church House will be supporting the outworking of the vision at diocesan and parish level:

  • Our work on Revitalisation, seeking to create healthy, viable parish churches, whether through pastoral reorganisation or supporting parishes to develop growth plans.
  • Encouraging the best possible standards of Safeguarding at every level 
  • A recognition of the discrete work and strategy of the Diocesan Board of Education and its responsibilities for church schools, as well as the ambition to develop closer relationship between our churches and church schools.  
  • The development of a Mission Fund to make the best use of our diocesan assets for the Kingdom. 
  • A Training Plan, building to ensure that those in leadership (lay and ordained) are properly equipped and trained.  
  • Eight key areas which will shape some of the activities of Church House Guildford and help answer the ‘how’ question: just how do we intend to grow disciples, grow diversity and grow community so as to live out the vision of a Transforming Church, Transforming Lives?
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