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Eco worship

Building ecology themes into worship can help to highlight the issues and get everyone thinking about their own response to the climate crisis. 

Liturgy and worship materials

A child walking on a log in the countryside in pink floral welliesOutdoor worship

Outdoor worship can be a great way of introducing environmental themes to worship. Outdoor services tend to attract families with young children and might even help you reach new contacts simply because it’s a different way of doing church. Take a look at the sites and resources given below to find out more:

Inspiring congregations

You can help your congregation to make their own contribution to the climate and biodiversity emergencies by setting up a parish account for Creation Care UK

Preach about the need for change, then set up an account and get households in your congregation to sign up. Everyone works at their own pace, doing what they can, and households get awards based on what changes they have made. It's a really motivating, and if you celebrate each award in your church, an eco-movement will quickly grow.

Simpler but no less impactful is Count Us In, asking you to choose from 16 steps that will radically lower your carbon footprint. 

Young people

Tearfund sent a shockwave through Youth Work early in 2021 with this research about how young people feel about church in relation to Climate Change. Find out more.

Being part of a network that is making a positive impact can help young feel empowered and positive about the future. Here are a couple of great examples:

Youth Strikes

Young Christian Climate Network

There are some great resources to use with children and youth, to explore the climate crisis through faith:

Tearfund - Spoof News

Watchable scientific explanation of the facts


There are some great resources to use with children and youth, to explore the climate crisis through faith:

Eco Schools - Brilliant guide to working your way towards sustainability as a school

Let's Go Zero - Fabulous coalition of schools aiming for net zero

Get an Eco Charter

Christian Aid - Fabulous youth resources that schools can use to explore climate justice and more<

Burning Down the House - Tearfund's research show highlights just how worried our kids are about Climate Change. Check out the Resources Library for tonnes of activities to do in schools

Seasons of Creation | Free Sunday school resource

Christian Aid has released Sunday School materials to support Seasons of Creation. From 1 September to 4 October, churches around the world come together to think about God the Creator, to celebrate the beauty of creation. It’s also a time to think about the damage we humans have done to creation.

The materials aim to

  • help children and young people explore faith and climate justice
  • prepare artwork that can be used to challenge and inspire others

Included in these resources are:

  • Two Sunday School lesson plans and information
  • Artwork examples
  • Ideas for sharing what the children create

Download the resources here.

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