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Everyday faith

Our Christian Life is so much more than how we gather together on Sunday; 98% of Christian disciples spend 95% of their time not in church.

Everyday faith is all about how we express our Christian faith every day, in everyday situations, Monday to Saturday, not just on Sunday. 

It is about where and how we encounter God as we go about our lives and how we express that to others in our words and actions. 

It is found in our joys and cares, in our challenges and conflicts, in our work and rest, in our workplaces and homes, in our friendships and relationships as we lean into God’s presence and guidance. 

If you’re new to exploring everyday faith, watch this video to hear how others connect with God in their everyday lives:

Is our faith an everyday faith? Does it help us live and tell the story of Jesus through who we are, what we say and what we do in our everyday lives?

Ask yourself these questions regularly:

  • How has God been at work in my life this week? Over the last month or year?
  • How am I serving God in my everyday contexts?
  • How am I growing and enabling others to grow in the depth of their discipleship?

How to grow my own everyday faith

Explore the Church of England’s everyday faith portal, which has self-guided learning and other resources in various aspects of everyday faith including work, prayer, and parenting.

The London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC) have a film series in which people share their stories of God at work through ordinary Christians in everyday places. You may like to look at the supporting resources to help you reflect further.

How to grow everyday faith in our Church

There are a range of resources you can use in the Diocese of Guildford’s Everyday Faith Toolkit. 

Download the Toolkit

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