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Growing disciples

Strengthening our own discipleship and growing new disciples is at the heart of Transforming Church, Transforming Lives .

That’s because all Christians are called to become a church of missionary disciples, deepening our faith and service as followers of Jesus Christ, and going out into the world sharing that faith, growing and encouraging new believers. 

Everyone in the Church family is called to this, whatever stage in life, whatever background or context - at work, in the community or as leaders in the church (ordained or not, paid or voluntary).

How each of us does that becomes clearer as we worship, read scripture, pray and share our lives with each other in congregations and small groups.  Our Churches are supported in growing disciples through the Parish Needs Process.

Whatever the priorities turn out to be in your context, the support and resources provided through diocesan colleagues will help you. 

Explore the sections below for information, inspiration and practical ideas.

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