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Parish finance

Collection box with pound notes and coins

Church leaders are called to be good stewards of all that God provides for mission and ministry, as well as encouraging generous giving as part of our response to God’s love and faithfulness. 

Although the PCC Treasurer will often lead on financial administration and management, it is everyone’s responsibility to utilise God’s provisions well, and especially all those on the PCC who have particular legal responsibilities. 

This page provides resources to help everyone to understand parish finance and signposts to supporting resources.

Your key resources for managing church finance

Parochial Fees

Parochial Fees are those which are legally chargeable for weddings and funerals. 

The national Church of England guidance and tables of parochial fees are updated every year in November, so keep checking back to this page to stay informed about fees changes.

Administration policies in the Diocese of Guildford for Parochial Fees are given below. Please download and read them carefully. 

Annual Parish Returns

Every year, the Church of England asks all parishes to complete two Annual Returns, one for Membership (previously referred to as Statistics for Mission) and one for Finance. 

These are in addition to any Return required by the Charity Commission for any PCC which is a registered charity. 

Some parishes find the completion of the parochial returns useful for their own purposes; the information, when collected over a period of years, can give a useful insight into the continuing life of the parish.  

How to submit your returns
How the national Church uses the data

Raising funds

The Encouraging generous giving pages on this site offer lots of practical ideas and signposts to resources to help encourage generous giving in your Church.

There are also some excellent resources on the national Church of England website to your church check, reflect and plan for generous giving activities.

Gift Aid

The national Church of England website offers information and links to help with your Gift Aid declaration, which will help you raise an additional 25% on donations to your Church.

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