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Groups of people playing French cricket in a green field surrounded by green trees

In the UK in 2022/23 the number of people taking part in sport has risen to almost pre-Covid levels!

Community engagement through Sport is one of the brilliant examples of how parishes can respond to the Diocesan vision strategy, in particular through Growing Communities.

Our team of Sports Advocates commit to encouraging more congregational participation in Sport and to creating Gospel opportunities through that participation.

Who's on the team?

Guildford has a strong team of Sports Advocates:

Together we are a team with a big Vision, and hope and pray for a Sports Advocate in every congregation. We’d love to connect with the right person in your parish. To discuss enhancing this ministry in your parish, please contact Tim Armstrong.

How is the ministry developing?

Across 17 years of ministry in three parishes within the Diocese of Guildford, John has consistently found that ‘relationships forged through sport have made the greatest contribution to long-term congregational growth’.

John is working with the Church of England's National Team and Sportily in Gloucester Diocese whose allocation of £3 million to Sports Ministry is proving fruitful. Here in Guildford, we welcome proposals for innovative/strategic partnerships in/alongside Sport. Please get in touch with John for further details.

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