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Maximising planned giving

The benefits of planned giving 

The principal source of current and additional funding for churches is planned giving by the congregation, ideally through the Parish Giving Scheme.

Planned giving is much more significant financially than cash collections, online and contactless donations, helpful though these are, and those outside the Church are unlikely to give in support of your day-to-day work.

The following hour-long webinar is a good place to start and there are some further resources below:

How to increase planned giving

Large increases in planned giving by your congregation can be secured by running an annual giving campaign to: 

  • thank givers and celebrate what has been achieved through their generosity during the past year
  • set out a compelling vision and plan for the year ahead, and what it will cost to deliver
  • encourage those who do not give regularly to start doing so
  • inspire those who already give regularly to do so at much higher levels
  • celebrate the outcome when the campaign is complete

This requires: 

  • overall leadership by the Incumbent
  • a committed individual or team to develop the communications materials and plan the campaign 
  • immediate follow up of your Giving Sunday with personalised emails or letters to those who give regularly and those who have yet to start doing so 
  • and systematic follow through after three weeks, contacting those who have failed to respond.  

Diocesan Trust and Try campaign

The diocese is currently running a Trust and Try campaign, encouraging congregations to trust the promises in scripture of God’s faithfulness to those who give generously and inviting them to try giving at much higher levels. 

David Senior, Mission Enabler for Stewardship and Evangelism, would be happy to work with your finance team / PCC and, if you wish, to preach at all your Sunday services as part of your annual giving campaign.  

More resources

You may also find the following resources helpful:

Parish Funding Programme – an excellent programme from Church of England Parish Resources which works particularly well in mid-sized and larger churches. We can help you adapt this for use in smaller churches.
The Generosity Week - a relatively new programme focusing on prayer and scripture.
Giving is God’s Way - a popular programme from the Diocese of Southwark
Giving in Grace - a successful programme suitable for all churches
Give 10 - a programme to encourage tithing

Got questions? 

Email David Senior, Mission Enabler for Stewardship and Evangelism.


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