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Data Protection

Data Protection and Privacy

The Diocese of Guildford is committed to conducting its business in accordance with all applicable Data Protection laws and regulations and in line with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

As part of our administration role within the Church of England we are committed to providing effective management of data and the safeguarding of material which is entirely consistent with the nurturing of a climate of openness and transparency.  The intention is not that the diocese should operate in a secretive or defensive manner but that we should manage information professionally and intentionally.

Data Policies and Privacy Statements

September 2023 

In our digital age, the protection of personal information is of paramount importance. At the Diocese of Guildford we are dedicated to safeguarding your data and ensuring your privacy. Our Data Protection policy has been updated to reflect changes in legislation.

The policy outlines the principles we follow, the information we collect, and how we use, store and share it. Our commitment to transparency and compliance is reflected in every aspect.

Four privacy statements have been developed for

Parish Toolkit & Resources

Please click on the following links to download and use the relevant documents

  • Data Protection and the Parish - Guidelines 
    • This is a general guide for GDPR compliance (Data Protection) in parishes. This should be a go to document for any DPO (Data Protection Officer) or other person with responsibility for handling personal data in a parish.  This gives questions and answer examples for information and guidance. 
  • Data Protection Summary Checklist - Parishes
    • This document gives you a step-by-step guide to help your PCC comply with the law. 
  • GDPR - FAQs from parishes
    • The FAQs (frequently asked questions) in this document cover most of the queries a Parish may have in relation to GDPR (General Data Protection Rules) covering How to register with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office), Photos, Data, Consent, Email & Technology and additional questions. 
  • Guide to Data Subject Access Best Practice
    • This document gives you some guidance and advice on how to mitigate for, prepare for and handle a DSAR (Data Subject Access Request). It is always best to seek legal advice ASAP either from the Diocesan Data Protection Officer or the ICO (Information Commissioners Office). 
  • Privacy Notice Template - Small Rural Parish
    • This template ‘Data Privacy Notice’ has been prepared for small rural parishes to make it as easy as possible for them to be compliant with GDPR. Parishes by law must publish on a website or display in their church a Data Privacy Notice. All you need to do is insert the relevant details where prompted (in red). 

For further guidance please see the Records Management Guide on the Church of England website, or contact the Data Protection team at data.protection@cofeguildford.org.uk.

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