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Property team

If you can’t find answers to your query on the main page, which offers guidance on maintaining or changing church buildings or churchyards, or if you have a query on Clergy housing, visit the Clergy Homes page or view the Parsonages Handbook. Alternatively, contact someone from the Property team using the links below.

Profile of Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

Head of Property

01483 790317


David Phillips smiling wearing a shirt and green fleece

David Phillips

Property Surveyor

01483 790337


Paul Francis wearing a navy blue shirt staninding in front of a grey wall

Paul Francis

Property Surveyor

01483 790365


Profile of Vicki Derry-Thomas

Victoria Derry-Thomas

Property Coordinator

01483 790364


Nirmala stood in front of a plain background wearing a buttoned blazer and colourful blouse

Nirmala Herrkaur

Property Customer Services Officer

01483 790305


Profile of Wendy Harris smiling wearing a salmon short sleeved shirt

Wendy Harris

Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) and Pastoral Secretary

01483 790313

Advises on care of churches and churchyards. Should be consulted at an early stage when any work is being considered.


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