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Sharing our faith

‘The greatest service one person can render another is to bring them to Jesus.’

Archbishop William Temple

Two young men sat at the table facing each other deep in conversation in a sunlit room

We worship a God of mission who asks us to work with Him in the power of the Holy Spirit to make new disciples. The Holy Spirit goes before us, drawing people to explore faith. 

We are called to share the gospel, telling others that they are profoundly loved by a God who sent His son to die to pay the price of their sins and to rise again, conquering death and opening the way to life with Jesus in all its fullness.

Enquirers’ courses

One of the easiest ways of introducing others to faith is to run an ‘enquirers course’. The suggestions below all have excellent course materials, often including videos. 

We suggest you also invite your congregation to do your chosen course since this will take them deeper in faith and make them more likely to invite guests to future courses. The main courses are: 

  • Alpha - the most widely used course in the diocese, and the best known amongst the general public. Watch our webinar with Nicky Gumbel and team here here.
  • Christianity Explored – a well-established course for introducing people to faith, based on the Gospel of Mark. Watch our webinar with Rico Tice and team here.
  • Pilgrim – a Church of England course which introduces participants to biblical exploration, reflection and prayer.
  • Being with – an invitation to discover faith in the context of discovering friendship.
  • Start! – a popular course from Leading your Church into Growth which ‘starts from scratch’ in introducing people to faith. 

Developing a faith-sharing strategy

A wide range of support is available in helping you to develop a strategy for sharing faith which fits your local context as a church.  

Leading in Evangelism is an ‘in your own time’ online learning resource for Church leaders from the national Church.

The CPAS ‘Leading in Evangelism Learning Hub’ is a 16 month programme exploring how to share the good news of Jesus in our world today and how to equip every Church member to do so. Our diocese runs a hub every other year for parishes to come together on, but you can also join a national hub online at any time. 

We also recommend running Talking Jesus to inspire and equip your congregation to share their faith, and Hymns we love - a very effective evangelistic resource for seniors, used in day centres, chaplaincies and churches.

Got questions?

Support is available from David Senior, Mission Enabler for Stewardship and Evangelism, and Sarah Slater, Diocesan Training Lead.

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