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Spiritual direction and retreats

As in all relationships, learning to know Christ better develops and deepens, is challenged and changes, as we experience life.

Spiritual Directors, or Accompaniers, offer to be companions on the way. Their support helps people to see for themselves how their relationship with God can be strengthened and prayer deepened.

Direction is not counselling, and it is not one person telling another what to do or how to live; Spiritual Directors do not direct. The Holy Spirit is the true Director.

Spiritual Directors are trained and experienced in sensitive, patient listening, trying to help people see more clearly and understand their own experience of God. They offer a safe, confidential place for people to find their own ways to come closer to Christ. 

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with God.

When might I need a Spiritual Director?

The starting point for people who come to a Spiritual Director varies enormously. Some need to discern God’s calling to a life change, others have lost their former comfortable way with God and want to explore what their faith means now. 

Some have a long story of God’s love in their lives, others have never put their prayer and life with God into words out loud to a stranger.

How can I ask for it?

Complete the Spiritual direction enquiry form and return it to the Spiritual Direction Coordinator, Revd Prof Linda Morgan and she will contact you to help you find a suitable Director from the Diocesan list.  


Retreats are an important part of deepening discipleship, spending time reflecting, praying, and focusing on what God may be saying. You can retreat alone, or take a guided retreat with others. Days or weekends away as a parish can often be spent in this way.

Retreat venues in the Diocese of Guildford:

Sunbury Court Conference Centre (Salvation Army)
Waverley Abbey House
House of Prayer 
Ladywell Retreat and Spirituality Centre, E: info@ladywellretreat.org.uk
St Columba's House

If you feel you need to go further away for your retreat, visit the Retreat Association website, which has retreat venues listed all over the UK. 


For further information, contact the Spiritual Direction Co-ordinator, Linda Morgan

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