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Understand your energy footprint to reduce it

First published on: 7th March 2024

The Energy Footprint Tool is now open for 2024 for you to be able to work out your church's carbon footprint and help care for creation.


Caring for creation honours God and each other

First published on: 24th February 2024

Find out why we strive to do our best to take care of creation and the environment around us.


Diocese of Guildford fossil fuel divestment and investment strategy

First published on: 24th July 2023

The Diocese of Guildford will not knowingly hold investments, whether directly or indirectly, in companies which predominantly trade in fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal). The Diocese has divested its direct holdings in such companies. Indirect holdings are invested via CCLA whose investment strategy is in line with this commitment.


Reduce your church's carbon footprint with the Energy Footprint Tool

First published on: 18th July 2023

Join Team Guildford in the race for a sustainable future

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