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Growing in faith

Wherever we are on our journey of faith, there is always room to grow closer to God and to deepen our relationship with Him. 

Explore three key areas that will help congregations to reflect on their journey, to practice spiritual disciplines and go deeper in their relationship with Jesus, every day.

Whenever you feel it would be appropriate, these pages can be shared with individuals, small group leaders, or even your whole list of Church family contacts.

A group of churchgoers in the background and a smiling man in the foreground

An outline of how prayer, reading the Bible, going to Church, small groups and spiritual direction can help us to grow in faith. Links to helpdul sites are offered.

Spiritual practices

People sat in discussion in a living room

An explanation of how small groups are an effective way of growing discupleship, with a '6ws' framework that small group leaders can follow.

Small groups

Logo with a clock stating 'Everyday faith for churches'

An explanation of what it means to live out our faith every day, why that's important, and how we an equip ourselves and our churches to do so. 

Everyday faith

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