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Here you can find documents used across our website, everything from policies and regulations to resources and support documents for the ministries you serve. You will hopefully find specific documents on the subject pages, but please feel free to use the search function and tags (groupings by subject matter) below to help you filter and find the document(s) you are looking for. You can even select multiple tags and ensure results match all tags to filter your search even further.

Slides for week 2 Spring 24

Chosen explanation notes

Chosen ppt

Script and prayer station week 3 Spring 24

slides week 4 Spring 24

What is in your heart explanation notes

What is in your heart ppt

Script and prayer stations week 5 Spring 24

slides week 5 spring 24

The Throne explanation notes

The Throne ppt

Super Power explanation notes

SUPER power ppt

Script and prayer station week 6 Spring 24

Feed my sheep explanation notes

Feed my sheep ppt

Script and prayer station week 7 Spring 24

slides week 7 Spring 24

Whats love got to do with it explanation notes

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